Welcome to Speak Our Language, a blog about words and actions. In a communication climate driven by multimedia, I’m here to speak in defense of words and of the relevance of the skills to wield them with grace and precision.

Writing is a powerful tool of self-expression, innovation, and empowerment. As such, I’d like to use this blog to explore the impact that words have on real people and on the world we share. I’ll celebrate the work of writer-activists, showcase the publications and organizations protecting our freedom of speech, examine texts that have catalyzed change, trace the cultural importance of storytelling, and dive deep into the personal relationships between humans and their favorite words. Together we’ll travel to every corner of the world and meet characters of every gender, color, faith, and class. Many of the words that we investigate have already been written down, but some are sung or spoken, passed from mouth to ear across generations and nations.

I hope you’ll visit often.

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